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Are You Thinking About Selling Your House In Florida And Moving To Georgia?

Written on August 8, 2017   By   in Sarasota

Are you thinking about selling your house in Florida and moving to Georgia? You often hear about people packing up and moving to the Sunshine State, but it’s not every day you hear about someone pulling up from there to move up to the Peach State. Despite that, it’s not all that uncommon.

If you’re not originally native to Florida, you might have discovered that it’s too different from where you’re originally from and you want to get back a little closer. Many who move to Florida from more northern states wind up backtracking a little into both Georgia, the Carolinas, and even Virginia, enjoying the warmer weather, but certainly milder climate than the peninsula has.

If you’re originally from Florida, you might miss the southern culture you remember earlier in life as transplants have changed the state a lot. Moving up into Georgia gets you back into a place still considered the South by many.

Of course, it might be neither of these cases. You might be just moving to be closer to family, to follow a career path, or for a change of pace. Georgia still has the sunshine and warmth (and humidity) of Florida, with some great beaches. It’s also got great golfing, but it’s also got more hills and mountains. Atlanta even sees snow once in a while.

Whatever your reasons for moving from Florida to Georgia are, you have three things you have to take care of in the process. The interesting thing is that they might not have to happen in a particular order. The first thing that you have to take care of is selling your house in Florida. The second thing is moving to Georgia. The third thing is finding a place to live in Georgia.

The second thing, physically moving to Georgia, might seem like the biggest ordeal of the trio, but it’s also possibly the simplest. It’s no fun packing up all your physical possessions, putting them in a truck, and heading up the road, but at least it’s not a long drive. At worst, in a case like moving from the Keys to the mountainous northeast corner of Georgia might be a 10- or 12-hour drive, so possibly an overnight trip once everything is packed up.

Whether or not you handle this with just family and friends or hire a professional moving company to assist you is completely up to your needs and budget. Hiring pros make everything easier, faster, and less stressful on you mentally and physically, but doing it with those you know can also give you greater control over the process and save you money.

As far as finding a place to live in Georgia, that might be a one- or two-step process, and to complicate matters, it might or might depend on selling your house in Florida. Your first home in Georgia might not be your permanent residence. If you don’t have a new house lined up before you go up there, you could resort to leasing a home or renting an apartment temporarily just to get established in the area. From there you can start checking out the local market for a property to buy.

However, that’s all assuming you even want to! While you might have enjoyed your house in Florida, you might choose to downsize and pick the advantages that apartment living has to offer, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, maintenance, and no yard work. Even town-homes or condos might come with such perks, and you can get similar and additional benefits if you are in your golden years and picking out a retirement or assisted-living home to be in. That would leave any windfall you get from selling your Florida home to be free for anything from a dream trip around the globe to fund your retirement to paying for kids and grandchildren to go to college.

The third part can also be the first thing you try and do in this trio of aspects of moving from Florida to Georgia, and that’s selling your Florida home. It shouldn’t be hard to do. Given the constant population growth in the state, there is demand for housing, and while home prices in the state are not exactly a bubble, anything on the market will eventually sell.

The big question is, do you need it to sell before you move or not? If you’re on a deadline to move to Georgia, then you might have to leave the home in the hands of a real estate professional you trust and move on. However, if you’re counting on the sale of the home in Florida to afford you one in Georgia, things get tricky. You might choose an apartment lease in Georgia as a bridge between the sale and the purchase, as most families don’t like the idea of two simultaneous mortgages at the same time.

Of course, you might also find you sell your Florida home faster than you expected, and you might wind up having to shack up in a Florida apartment for a while before it’s time to head up north.

Another thing you have to consider is if you’re looking to get out of the home ownership quickly, or if you’re going for maximum value. If you have the lead time, it might be worth considering a round of home improvement projects or even renovations to increase the market value before going on the market. You might do these yourself with family before going on the market.

You’re not going to be the first family to sell a house in Florida and move to Georgia. If you’re looking to make the most of the situation, you might want to move into something temporary in your new state so that contractors and professionals can spruce up your Florida home for more market value. It can possibly be a rental income until it sells, at which point you would have hard numbers you can use to check out properties in the area you are now living in.

Sarasota Realtor Who Loves Beaches & Pitfalls Florida Real Estate Investment

Written on July 9, 2017   By   in Sarasota

Florida real estate can earn you returns of up to 30% and given that Florida lies at the pinnacle of the real estate food chain, things are bound to look up even more. The key to being successful in such an investment is to know what you are getting into before investing.

Therefore, it is important to arm yourself with all the relevant information about Florida real estate before you are knee deep in it. Investment seminars, books, and websites offering tips on how to invest in real estate.

You should also study the value and market price of any piece of real estate in Florida. If you are not sure of how to go about this, then it may be a good idea to hire a real estate evaluating official or appraiser.

Getting the current market value of land will make it easier for you to negotiate with the seller. This could be the key to a great deal. To decide whether it is really worth investing in Florida real estate, you need to consider the location and proximity to amenities. The location is very crucial as there are high and low demand areas.

What you should look for is an area that is in high demand. Since the cost of real estate is directly linked to the availability of amenities, it may be a good idea to invest in real estate near amenities.